Tiffen Drone Filters Product Review

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Tiffen Aerial Photography Drone Filters

Controlling light is an important component of taking photographs and filters allow a photographer to take advantage of the available light to enhance a scene.  This same principal applies whether someone is using a DSLR or a drone.  I’ve been using The Tiffen Company’s drone filters for the past few months and I am very impressed with the control that they allow in different lighting conditions.

Tiffen ND 16 Filter mounted to a DJI Phantom 4.

Currently Tiffen offers filters for two different drone systems – Autel and DJI.  Available filters are ND 4, ND 8, ND 16, and a Polarizer (ND 4 available on Autel only).  The Neutral density filters provide better control based on the lighting conditions.  The higher the ND number, the more stops of shutter speed that are reduced.  So the ND16 is best in brighter conditions while the ND4 is best in lower light (ie, earlier in the day or if there are more clouds).  The Polarizer adds contrast to blue skies and significantly reduces glare off reflective surfaces such as buildings and water.  It is great when flying over lakes and oceans!

Tiffen ND 16 Filter used to slow the motion of water from a DJI Phantom 4.


  • High-quality glass
  • Options based on lighting conditions (Polarizer and ND choices)
  • Small, lightweight, and compact - easy to bring with
  • Fits systems perfectly and does not impact gimbal weight or movement
  • Screws on smoothly


  • Have to decide before flight which filter you want (true of any drone filter)
  • Have to put on for every flight (I would not recommend leaving on camera for storage)

Overall, I highly recommend the Tiffen Aerial Photography Drone Filters. The high-quality filters will give a photographer significantly more control of the scene and light than flying without a filter.


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